Street Cruise


Street Cruise Outreach Program

Byron Youth Service provides youth outreach on  Friday nights in the Byron Shire.  Street Cruise has been operating since 2001 and the mobile outreach bus since 2011. These services, known as Street Cruise, help to create a safer community in Byron Bay by supporting young people on the street after hours.

The aim is to provide late night early prevention and intervention services and offer support for young people on the streets where binge drinking, vandalism and violence may occur. Trained youth workers are available to assist with issues that may arise within a potentially volatile and at time dangerous environment.

With the addition of the outreach bus and the very generous donation of food from Suffolk Park Bakery, Eagle Boys and Earth & Sea pizza, and Byron Bay Captured, youth workers are able to provide food, water and conversation to young people both in the north of the shire and in Byron Bay. This provides a safe & central point for young people to access and in the process of eating and chatting intoxicated young people are calmer and less likely to become involved in at risk practices.

A direct means of contact is provided between young people, police, bouncers, business owners & licensees & the general public and this has proved helpful in reducing the incidence of personal and property damage and has improved relations between all concerned.

Street Cruise, in essence, provides a safety net, information, support and referral aimed at reducing the negative health impacts of risk-taking behaviours such binge drinking, injury, STD transmission, danger of sexual assault or other violence, depression & other mental health issues.

Ongoing contact with youth workers builds trust and rapport and workers are able to link young people into other support networks, education alternatives, counselling & specific programs and projects.

Watch our Street Cruise Video Below!