At the Cottage

BYS has been meeting the needs of young people and families in the north of the shire for many years through the provision of a safe space at the Cottage where activities, girls and boys groups, case management, referral, liaison, school and family support, individual support or any matters pertaining to enhancing quality of life take place.

In 2012 Year 10 girls group completed a mosaic that has the words 'Pursuit Of Happiness' and that is in essence what programs at the Cottage work towards.

Mullum Girls mosaic

Girls and boys groups take place every week during school terms and projects include music, dance, computer skills, mosaics, painting, jewellery making, discussion groups on all topics pertaining to health and wellbeing, fitness training, anger management, woodworking, tie-dying, outings or any other appropriate activity that participants may brainstorm.

The program, Youth Connections, has a close relationship with Mullumbimby High and young people who are experiencing difficulties in one or many areas are referred to participate in groups and/or case management.